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EVENT: Peatlands Gathering is coming in October 2021 - register now for a free online place

Flyer showing event title : Peatlands Gathering 2021 in white over a blurry walkway through a brown moss-covered bog

INCASE ecologist Dr Catherine Farrell is chief organiser for the Peatlands Gathering event, bringing together a collective of members of the peatlands community to exchange knowledge online October 7 and 8, 2021 (with the prospect of optional field trips around Irish sites on October 9th, Covid permitting).

Peatlands Gathering 2021 will feature contributions by those who are actively involved in these areas of great environmental and cultural significance from Ireland and around the world, with participants in farming and conservation of peatlands, scientific understanding of greenhouse gas emissions and water management, the rehabilitation and restoration of degraded peatlands, community stewardship and experts in various cultural aspects.

Ireland’s extensive peatlands feature prominently in many aspects of our society, as they have done for decades and centuries past. The many, varied cultural and scientific perspectives on the management of these peatlands has brought us to a place where there are still several different viewpoints on where the future lies in relation to this amazing natural resource so we'll have much to discuss.

Where: Online (with optional field trips tba)

When: October 7&8 (presentations c. 9-5pm IST - exact times tbc)

Peatlands Gathering is being organised and coordinated by a range of leading interest groups, including Community Wetlands Forum, CarePeat, Irish Peatland Society, EPA, and researchers from major institutions including UCD, TCD, NUIG, UL and GMIT.

A programme of presentations and discussions on peatlands for October 7th & 8th, 2021, has been prepared with a presentations on peat projects, research and initiatives, with a view to identifying challenges, and data and policy gaps in this area. If COVID allows, on the Saturday, October 9th, Peatlands Gathering will offer a series of field trips to peatland areas of Ireland where some of these projects have been undertaken. Further details and a Field Trip Map to be published on the Peatlands Gathering site, in a meantime you can read a series of blogs published by presenters on the their innovative peatland projects here.

Full programme of events to follow.

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