WATCH: Our animated introduction to Natural Capital Accounting

Updated: May 18

Building on the current momentum for a green recovery, we have produced a fun short video promoting Natural Capital Accounting. Supported by Natural Capital Ireland and the EPA, this vivid animation shows in simple accessible terms how the process of using a standardised method to assess nature’s stocks and flows can help decision-makers to better understand how the environment impacts our economy - and vice versa. We are piloting the practical application of Natural Capital Accounting in four of Ireland’s catchments, bringing together a diverse group of natural scientists, economists and statisticians. The video, by illustrator Annie Forrester and filmmaker Aaron Ross, can be viewed above and at the following YouTube link: INTRODUCTION TO NATURAL CAPITAL VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/ykzFmT4rhmM Follow us on Twitter @INCASEproject at LinkedIn and our YouTube channel.

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