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Project Overview

Project overview

Irish Natural Capital Accounting for Sustainable Environments (INCASE) is an EPA-funded research project running from March 2019-2023.


INCASE is the first Irish project to develop natural capital accounts for different sites in Ireland.​


The project team prepared accounts for four catchments across Ireland using the UN System of Environmental-Economic Accounting-Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA-EA).

Accounts for the four catchments mapped the stocks and flows of ecosystem and geosystem services, highlighting challenges, knowledge and data gaps, and recommends a framework to operationalise Natural Capital Accounting in Ireland.

what is natural capital accounting?

Phase 1 - Methods and Data: 
  • We produced a literature review on natural capital accounting to explore the various methodologies that are in use around the world.

  • Identified available data sources along with data gaps. These data sources inform the accounts, and contribute to the development of a framework for Natural Capital Accounting in Ireland.

  • Professor Jane Stout of Trinity College Dublin led this Work Package.

Phase 2 - Ecosystem Accounts:
  • We selected four river catchments for study.

  • Collated existing datasets and developed indicators, and used them to generate a range of ecosystem accounts that describe habitat condition, habitat extent, as well as environmental flow accounts including water, land use and carbon.

  • Used these case studies to test the strengths and weaknesses of the accounts, and identify the data gaps.

  • Developed a framework to guide the appropriate use of monetary valuation and determined how these values can be integrated with existing economic and environmental policies to inform decision-making. While these accounts do not necessarily require monetary valuation, we will assess the efficacy of monetising the benefits to people that certain ecosystem services provide. 

  • Professor Mary Kelly-Quinn of University College Dublin led this Work Package.

Phase 3 - Economic Analysis:
  • Used an input-output model to assess the impact of policy change on natural capital stocks.

  • Used data visualisations to produce sectoral natural capital management frameworks.

  • Produced a gap analysis of information monitoring systems and policies underpinning them.

  • Conducted economic impact assessments to better understand the trade-offs between policy options.

  • Professor Stephen Kinsella of the University of Limerick and Professor Cathal O'Donoghue of NUI Galway led portions of this Work Package.

our team
Meet the team

We are a multi-disciplinary team, with specialists in ecology, freshwater biology, economics, statistics, accounting and agriculture. 

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Prof Jane Stout

Trinity College Dublin

assoc. Prof stephen kinsella

university of limerick

Assoc. Prof Mary kelly-quinn

university college dublin

Prof Cathal O'Donoghue

NUI Galway

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carl obst

ideea group

Mark eigenraam


Dr Catherine Farrell

Trinity college dublin

lisa coleman

university college dublin

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Fiona Smith

natural capital ireland

daniel norton

university of limerick


natural capital ireland

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